Adult Sunday School Classes

Session 4

Our fourth Sunday School session for 2018 - 2019 will run for six weeks beginning in Febeuary 24  from 9:30 to 10:30 am. The following are the adult classes planned for the fourth term.  

Old Testament Survey

Facilitator:  Eric Steinhauser

  • Description: Seeing God and finding Jesus in the Old Testament. The first class will be an overview of what the OT is and how it is relevant to Christians. Subsequent classes will explore select portions of the OT and learn about God and see who Jesus is.
  • Homework Requirements: None
  • Additional Resources: Bible
  • Cost: None

Made for More: An invitation to life in God's Image (for ladies only)

Facilitator:  Tracy Menard

  • Description: This is a study on building our identity in Christ and how to live that daily, based on the book Made for More by Hannah Anderson and other resources.
  • Homework requirements: None
  • Resources: Bible, Pen, Journal/Notebook
  • Cost: Book Purchase, Made for More by Hannah Anderson

Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

Facilitator:  Pastor Josh Owens

  • Description:  Not knowing what the Bible says about manhood and womanhood leaves us vulnerable to the attack of the enemy about our roles in the culture. The purpose of this Sunday School class is to encourage and equip men and women through the study of primarily Genesis 1-3 to embrace the truth about biblical manhood and womanhood so they will joyfully live out this truth in their personal lives. It is only a 6 week introductory course, which means it is unlikely we are going to nail the right definition of manhood and womanhood and all its implications on the first dart throw.  We should all be humbled by our inability to adequately answer the most basic of questions, "What is man? and "What is a woman?"
  • Homework:  One hour per week.
  • Resources:  Bible, Pen, Journal/Notebook
  • Cost:  None.

Conflict Resolution

Facilitator:  Dennis Lommen

  • Description: This Sunday school class will look at the biblical principles to resolve conflict. We will also get an introduction to Emotional Intelligence.
  • Homework Requirements: There will be homework for those that want to improve their conflict resolution skills.
  • Resources: Resolving Conflict by Lou Priolo
  • Cost: Book: $15.99 (not required)