Sunday School Classes

Our first Sunday School session for 2017-2018 will run for six weeks, from September 10th to October 15th, from 9:30-10:30am.  The following are the adult classes planned for this first term.  Check back soon to see which classes will be offered later in the year!

  • Conversational apologetics

    Scott and Colby Hammond will be facilitating a discussion on the basics of apologetics - explaining your faith - with an emphasis on answering the pressing questions you might hear from your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, schoolmates, and others.  Participants will be encouraged to interact with others throughout the week to find out what those questions are, and to bring them back to the class to share so that we can discuss and discover together!

  • Women's class: None like him

    As people with limited understanding, we tend to imagine a heavenly Father who is like us. This study reminds us that our Creator possesses many attributes we don't---and that's a good thing! Take a closer look at the God who is infinitely knowable, creative, able to provide, timeless, unchanging, powerful, wonderful, and more.  Sandy Ferno will lead this class, which is expected to involve less than an hour of homework each week.

  • one-2-one bible reading in practice

    In this class we will discover different methods of reading the Bible with others, using the framework we have been teaching in One-2-One.  Using the Gospel of Mark, each session will involve a short introduction on the method, then pairing up to pray, read, and discuss, before gathering together again to discuss what we have learned.  Pastor Pat will facilitate this class, and participants will be encouraged to put what they have learned into practice by participating in One-2-One reading during the week.

  • Men's class: Lay elder training program

    This class is for those interested in discovering what is involved in the elder-led model of Church leadership we practice at FCBC, and how one can train to be ready for ministry as a lay elder.  Pastor Josh will lead this class which will involve about an hour of homework per week.