Adult Sunday School Classes

Session 5

Our fifth Sunday School session for 2018 - 2019 will run for six weeks beginning in April 14, 2019  from 9:30 to 10:30 am. The following are the adult classes planned for the fifth term.  

Instructors:  Doug & Sue Chamberlin

  • Description: Who is the Holy Spirit, and what is he doing in my life? Bring your questions and your Bible. We will ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance as we study Scripture together and try to answer these questions.
  • Homework: May include reading Scripture to follow up on what we talked about and to prepare for the next week's lesson.
  • Resources: Bible
  • Cost: None

Instructor:  Pastor Pat Testerman

& Selected Speakers

  • Description: This Sunday School class is your passport to learning how short-term missions can best serve the Lord and his bride, the Church. Come and learn from a variety of teachers who have gone on a variety short-term mission trips whether domestic or overseas. These teachers will look at the worldview and skills necessary for trips to be effective as well as provide insight on the mistakes or naiveté that can hinder the mission. We look forward to praying, collaborating, and going with us!
  • Homework: TBD
  • Resources: Bible
  • Cost: None

Instructors:  FCBC Elders

  • Description: Are you interested in membership and not sure of the next step. Please let us help. In this class we delve into the meaning of each and provide answers to help guide you on your journey of what is next.
  • Homework: None
  • Resources: Bible
  • Cost: None

Instructor:  Bill Allen

  • Description: Author Mark Dever seeks to help believers recognize the key characteristics of a healthy church: expositional preaching, biblical theology, and a right understanding of the gospel. Dever then calls us to develop those characteristics in our own churches. By following the example of New Testament authors and addressing church members from pastors to pew sitters, Dever challenges all believers to do their part in maintaining the local church. What Is a Healthy Church? offers timeless truths and practical principles to help each of us fulfill our God-given roles in the body of Christ.
  • Homework: None
  • Resources: Book: What Is A Healthy Church by Mark Dever
  • Cost: $12.53.  
  • Please note if you’d like one on the sign-up sheet. Alicen will purchase it for you!

Instructor:  Becky Flint

  • Description: For Ladies Only.  In this class, we will be doing a chapter-by-chapter overview of the book of James discovering how our lives as Christians should prove that our faith in God is real.  
  • Homework: Homework will be to read/study a chapter of the book of James each week. Questions will be provided to help with studying if desired but not required. 
  • Resources: Bible
  • Cost: None

Instructor:  Ross E. Allen

  • Description: The Day of the Lord (DOL) is one of the most misunderstood doctrines of the church.  Why should we care?
  • It is the pivotal eschatological event in human history.
  • Prophets that describe it in graphic detail.
  • There are four uncontested direct references in the New Testament (Luke, Paul & Peter).
  • It is alluded to by all New Testament Writers. 

God Must Think It's Important

  • In this class, we will first consider the place of the Day of the Lord within the context of God's plan of redemption. Secondly, we will look at why there is so much confusion about the end times and consider how the correct method of interpretation (hermeneutic) can help us discover the truth.  Then we will examine the context and details of the twenty-three specific references to discover what God says the Day of the Lord is, as well as what it is not.
  • Homework: Weekly Scripture Readings
  • BringYour Bible, A pen or pencil to take notes, a ring binder in which to keep handouts, a sincere desire to know what God has planned for the future and how we should respond.
  • Cost: None

Biblical Manhood & Womanhood

Facilitator:  Pastor Josh Owens

  • Description:  Not knowing what the Bible says about manhood and womanhood leaves us vulnerable to the attack of the enemy about our roles in the culture. The purpose of this Sunday School class is to encourage and equip men and women through the study of primarily Genesis 1-3 to embrace the truth about biblical manhood and womanhood so they will joyfully live out this truth in their personal lives. It is only a 6 week introductory course, which means it is unlikely we are going to nail the right definition of manhood and womanhood and all its implications on the first dart throw.  We should all be humbled by our inability to adequately answer the most basic of questions, "What is man? and "What is a woman?"
  • Homework:  One hour per week.
  • Resources:  Bible, Pen, Journal/Notebook
  • Cost:  None.

All notes and class audio files are available HERE if you would like to download them.