Adult Sunday School Classes

New Session Begins October 27, 2019

Spiritual Growth (ladies only)

(Continuing from Term One - 12 weeks)

Teachers: Sue Chamberlin & Laura Owens

(Two Consecutive Terms - 12 weeks)

Description: In Colossians 3:10 NLT we are directed to "put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him." The process of becoming more like Jesus is part of our lives, every day. We will be looking at some practical methods for spiritual growth using Poppy Smith's book I'm Too Human To Be Like Jesus.

During class, we will review the highlights of the chapter, and share our responses to the discussion questions. And we will pray!

Homework: Each week, you will be asked to read one chapter from the book (about 20 pages), to do some personal reflection on questions asked in the reading and at the end of the chapter, and to memorize a verse of scripture. Depending on how a particular topic hits you, the assignment might take you one half hour, or it might become your devotions for the whole week. That is up to you and God.

Cost: $3.99 Kindle or $7.99 Paperback (please indicate on the sign-up sheet which).

Old Testament Survey

(Continuing from Term One - 12 weeks)

Leader: Eric Steinhauser

(Two Consecutive Terms - 12 weeks)

Description: Join us on an adventure back in time, to the beginning where it all started. Come, learn about our triune God and see how His plan for us unfolds through the pages of the Old Testament. We will meet the Patriarchs and learn why their story is important to us and the New Testament. We also will read about other Old Testament men and women who influence our beliefs.

Bring your bible and come ready to discuss God's Word.

Preparations: Reading the Old Testament, a chapter or two for the upcoming lesson, shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.

Homework: None

Cost: None

The Art of Parenting

Leaders: Dan & Sharon DeHart


Watch this short video for more information. 

Description: "Being a mom or dad is one of the most rewarding jobs you'll ever have. And one of the most challenging. The baby that won't sleep grows into the toddler that won't eat who becomes an adolescent that won't communicate. Not every day is a bad day, but all parents need some help and encouragement along the way.

There is an approach to parenting that can reduce the stress and increase the harmony in your home. Based on decades of teaching from Dennis and Barbara Rainey, and featuring insights from other notable parenting advisors, Family Life's Art of Parenting highlights four core issues (Character, Relationships, Identity, and Mission) that every parent and child need to address together."

Homework: There is some work outside of class with thought provoking questions to answer, prayer needs, and figuring out how to implement new strategies.

Cost: $12.99 (see Alicen for book)

Membership Class

Leaders: FCBC Elders

Description: Are you interested in membership and not sure of the next step. Please let us help. In this class we delve into the meaning of each and provide answers to help guide you on your journey of what that could be.

Homework: None

Conflict Resolution

Leader:  Dennis Lommen

Description:  As Lou Priolo reminds us, many other things that the Bible exhorts us to do-such as convicting, rebuking, and admonishing other Christians-make conflict a necessary part of the Christian life. Lou takes us through the biblical principles of conflict resolution, beginning before conflict even starts. He shows us the prerequisites we must have in place as we go into conflict, what is at the heart of our conflict, what makes it biblical or unbiblical, and how we should respond to it. He also shares practical steps and advice, giving us specific talking points to resolve conflict and journaling exercises that help us to grow when it happens. Learn how to "make every effort" to maintain unity-even when that effort must start with conflict! 

Homework: No official homework. Unofficial homework if you want to practice biblical conflict resolution.

Cost: Paperback: $15.99 Kindle Version: 9.99 (must be purchased yourself)

The book is NOT required.

Please indicate on the sign-up sheet if you’d like Alicen to order one.

The Art of Marriage

Leaders: Dave & Tracy Menard
Watch this short video for more information.

Description: Every Marriage is unique, expressed by the colorful personalities of each spouse and textured by the circumstances at play in their lives. Blending these to make marriage work is a divinely inspired art form — challenging to master but definitely worth the effort. 

In The Art of Marriage®, we weave together expert teaching, engaging stories, man-on-the-street interviews, humorous vignettes and much more to portray the hope and beauty of God's design for marriage, and now the same great content is available in a six-week study format. 

In The Art of Marriage® small-group series, couples can explore God's Purpose and Plan, Overcoming Isolation, Fulfilling Our Responsibilities, Communication and Conflict, Experiencing Real Intimacy, and Leaving a Lasting Legacy in a home group or Sunday school setting. 

Homework: TBD

Cost: Single: $12.50 Couple Set: $24.99 (see Alicen for book)