Adult Sunday School Classes

Session 3

Our third Sunday School session for 2018 - 2019 will run for six weeks beginning in January from 9:30 to 10:30 am. The following are the adult classes planned for the third term.  

Disciple Making for Ordinary People

Facilitator:  Ray & Laurel Bandi

  • Description: This interactive workshop will help you understand Jesus’ ministry of disciple-making and help you learn how to make disciples yourself.  (Foundation Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20; 2 Timothy 2:1-2)
  • Homework requirements: 30 minutes per week to review one simple application from the previous lesson.
  • Resources: Course Workbook (we provide), Bible, Pen
  • Cost: None

Old Testament Survey

Facilitator:  Eric Steinhauser

  • Description: Seeing God and finding Jesus in the Old Testament. The first class will be an overview of what the OT is and how it is relevant to Christians. Subsequent classes will explore select portions of the OT and learn about God and see who Jesus is.
  • Homework Requirements: None
  • Additional Resources: Bible
  • Cost: None

Made for More: An invitation to life in God's Image (for ladies only)

Facilitator:  Tracy Menard

  • Description: This is a study on building our identity in Christ and how to live that daily, based on the book Made for More by Hannah Anderson and other resources.
  • Homework requirements: None
  • Resources: Bible, Pen, Journal/Notebook
  • Cost: Book Purchase, Made for More by Hannah Anderson

Baptism & Membership

Facilitators: FCBC Elders

  • Description: Are you interested in membership or baptism and not sure of the next step. Please let us help. In this class we delve into the meaning of each and provide answers to help guide you on your journey of what is next. 
  • Homework requirements: None
  • Resources: Bible & Pen
  • Cost: None

Deceived on Purpose

Facilitators:  Pastor Josh Owens, Elder Tim Brown, & Deb Fox

  • Description: Christians need to learn to evaluate the teachings they hear in church to see if they are consistent with the Scriptures. "Deceived on Purpose" aims to identify false doctrines that make inroads into the church. May God give us wisdom and spiritual discernment as we seek to contend for the faith.
  • Homework Requirements: None
  • Resources: Bible
  • Cost: None