Weekly Gathered

March 24, 2019

2 Thessalonians 4:9-12

Gospel Holiness/Gospel Witness: Part 2

Have you ever had that moment when a person you are teaching “gets it?” Do you remember your

own “light bulb moments?” Can you remember the time that the training wheels came off, the person who was running alongside you and holding the seat let go, and you realized “I’m doing this!?"  

That’s where the Thessalonians are as Paul continues writing to them. They don’t need to be taught to love – they’ve got this! The handlebars might be wobbling, and the pedal strokes might not be smooth. They’re not ready to compete at the Tour de France. But they’re living the new life and demonstrating it by loving each other and even reaching out to the area around them (v 9-10).

They’ve got the basics, and while Paul certainly revels in this, he doesn’t rest. It’s now time to help

build upon that foundation.

As you prepare for Sunday gathered, read through the passage and its context a few times.

  • What are the things in the latter half of verse 10 and going through verse 11 that Paul exhorts the Thessalonians to work towards, to practice?
  • Now consider verse 12. Why is Paul urging the Thessalonians to do these things? What is the purpose? 
  • What would it look like in your life to respond to Paul’s exhortations? How would it change your witness to unbelievers?