June 25, 2017

This week we begin our brand new series, Meals with Jesus. Meals are more than just a meal. Each meal with Jesus is packed with significance. 

This week, Jesus has a Meal with Levi (Matthew-the tax collector). It’s a “Meal of Grace” where we learn first-hand “What is Christianity?” and “Who is for?” 

As you prepare for our weekly gathered, as yourself these questions

  • How is Luke 5:17-26 connected to Luke 5:27-31? 
  • How are meals more than just meals? How are meals often times “boundary markers” of who’s in and who’s out? 
  • Why is it important that Levi left everything and followed Jesus? 
  • Why is it important that Levi makes a meal in his home with other tax collectors? 

See you Sunday! Please pray for this week for eyes to be opened, hearts to be softened, and souls saved as our sermon connects great with our Faith Games Outreach to further explain of why did Jesus come and who did he come for. Great week to invite people to a Meal with Jesus!