April 22, 2018

This week we continue with our new sermon series through 3 John called “Loving the Church; Blessing the Nations.”  We pray every believer at FCBC will be encouraged to live like a sent one. As Christians, we are all sent into the world as Christ’s ambassadors whether overseas or in our neighborhood.    

As you prepare for our Sunday Gathering, ask yourself these questions based on 3 John 1:5-6:

  • According to 3 John 3, 5-8, who is sending and who is being sent? 
  • John encourages Gaius in vs. 5 saying, “it is a faithful thing you do in all our efforts for these brothers…”  Make a list of “all the efforts” Gaius makes in supporting missionaries? 
  • According to 3 John 6, where and how are missionaries to give updates?  Why is it important to hear stories of gospel advancements for a local sending church?
  • According to 3 John 6, we are send in “a manner worthy of God.”  What would that entail?

See you Sunday!  J & B will be sharing a mission update.  Paula will be challenging small groups with “Adopt a Missionary.”     Check out FCBC online to see a list of Sunday school classes.