Weekly Gathered

November 10, 2019

John 11:17-44

Falling on Jesus in Winter

We’ve got a bit of a changeup this week, and instead of the originally-planned verses will be looking at a Spiritual winter in the lives of Mary, Martha, Lazarus… and Jesus. It is an account you may know very well. Lazarus has died and been buried.

This week as you prepare for Sunday Gathered, read the passage at least twice. First put yourself in the place of Martha, and then in the place of Mary.

  • How have Mary and Martha’s actions swapped somewhat since Jesus’ earlier visit recorded in Lk 10?
  • When winter comes (or has come), are you more likely to run to Jesus like Martha or to stay away like Mary? 
  • What changes do we see in Martha in this account? What changes do we see in Mary?   
  • How do the actions of Mary and Martha in the midst of this winter impact those around them? How can we apply this to our own spiritual winters?