Weekly Gathered

September 15, 2019

In City Slickers, Billy Crystal stars as Mitch going through a mid-life crisis. Though he has everything a person would want, there is this lingering and pervasive unhappiness in his life. He has no idea why. Along with some other companions, they decide to go on a cattle drive to do something different to “find themselves” again. They employ a real, gruff cowboy named Curly to lead them on a cattle drive. Curly seems to know exactly who he is, exactly what he wants, and exactly how to get it. He is exactly the kind of man that Mitch wants to be.  

Curly asks Mitch, “Do you know what the secret of life is?” And he holds up one finger, “This.” Mitch asks, “Your finger?” Curly responds, “One thing, just one thing. Stick to that and the rest doesn’t mean anything.” Mitch asks, “What is this one thing?” Curly answers, “That’s what you have to find out.” Well the question comes to us through the seasons of life, “What is that one thing?” The only problem is there are so many good things to choose from in life.

As you prepare for the weekly gathered, read Luke 10:38-42 and see what should be the deepest devotion of our life. Mary and Martha’s life open a window for us to peer in and ask, “What is the one thing necessary?”

  • Where does Jesus meet Mary and Martha? Mundane or spectacular?
  • What did Mary choose as the one thing? What did Martha choose? 
  • Based upon Mary and Martha’s example, do you think character is formed or revealed in the big moments? Why? 
  • Does Martha represent those who do “secular” work and Mary represent those who do “spiritual” work? Should this account encourage people to quit their secular employment and give themselves entirely to sitting at Jesus’ feet (spiritual work)? Why or why not?