Our Response to Public Health Concerns

The “landscape” has changed quite a bit over this past year, and we plan to remain agile in our response to public health concerns, precautions, guidance, rules, and laws. 

For the month of September, we are planning to hold our meetings outdoors, with limited use of the building for restrooms and administrative purposes. We will address changing needs as the year progresses. Some other precautions we will be implementing:

  • Health self-screening before each meeting, event, or activity
  • Adapting activities and seating to provide for physical distancing
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting of the building and equipment
  • Maximizing the use of outdoors when practical
  • Availability of hand sanitizer and soap, and emphasis on hygienic best practices
  • Food/snacks/refreshments provided as pre-packaged or “grab-and-go” individual portions

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