2022 - 2023

Winter Homeless Outreach

and Evangelism Initiative

Goal: Gather items to help the homeless weather the oncoming cold and share Jesus’ warmth through His word!


       Items Needed - ( List updated 11/21/22, most items still needed )

       ( new or very clean items preferred ):

  • 50 blankets
  • 50 backpacks or gym bags
  • 50 8x10 tarps
  • 50 foam yoga mats
  • 50 pairs of socks (wool is best) ( we have enough )

  • 50+ $5 gift cards to McDonalds or Dunkin’s
  • 50 toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • 50 bars of soap
  • 50 small bottles of hand sanitizer ( we have enough )

  • 50+/- pieces of rope or cord
  • 100 prepackaged snack items
  • Many, many hats, mittens, and jackets (these items can be used, but please wash before dropping off). Jackets are needed throughout the season.
  • Financial donations to purchase needed items are always welcome (to be disseminated at the discretion of the volunteers). NO money will be given directly to the homeless as a precaution, except in the form of small-value gift cards.
  • More of everything will be needed as the season progresses.
  • Other items that you may see as being helpful.


Please bring your final donations for the Homeless Winter Survival Pack Initiative NO Later Than this Sunday 11/27/22


Volunteers are needed for a “packing party” and to deliver these items & share God's Word

Packing Party Date:

Sunday 11/27/22 immediately following Sunday Service

Most of what is needed is YOU as Volunteers to accompany us to deliver and share God’s Word (multiple opportunities throughout Nov-Dec). We ALWAYS need a minimum of 2 people when handing out items (more is merrier and safer). These survival packs will be handed out with a Gospel of John and the sharing of God’s Good News. 

Come be blessed beyond what you can imagine!

Thank you for considering.
Looking forward to sharing the Gospel alongside you throughout Concord and the surrounding communities.

Please drop items in the box in Palmer Hall or in the box in the front hallway.

For more information or to schedule time to go along and distribute, contact the church office.

Meet Our Missionaries

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” - Matthew 28:16-20


Great Commission

We the Church have been sent by Jesus to the task of the Great Commission. This mission is for everyone in the church, not just the missionaries. Making disciples – that’s our task. No one is excluded. There are no spectators.

So, everyone has a mission and our missions program is aimed at outreaching with our mission to those outside this local church. Our missions program puts emphasis on reaching the least reached peoples of this world especially through church planting.

We as a church seek to learn about and pray for missions. We seek to go and send people to the mission field. We seek to welcome people from other people’s around the world and mobilize our own to be going.  

  • Tampa, FL Service with Open Air Campaigners

  • Tanzania, Serving with Ethnos360

  • Umbertide, Italy

  • Philippines, Serving with Titus International

  • South Africa, Serving at LIV Lanseria

  • Central Africa

  • Over the course of our seven and a half years in Thailand we watched 98 co-workers leave.

    Some for legitimate reasons, but most not. So depleted in their souls that spiritual suicide seemed like their only option.

    Hello. We are Dave and Irene Lewis, shepherds of global workers. We’re telling you our story so you’ll know that we understand the challenges of life in a cross-cultural environment. We have come to care deeply for those who serve in difficult places, and we want to use our empathy and our experience to bring encouragement and hope into their lives.

    But we are deeply aware that the needs of the harvest force far outweigh our skills and capacity.

    That’s why we are recruiting people like you to join us in creating a culture of care. Our friends and relatives who represent the Lord are simply too precious to neglect.

    Far beyond helping them survive in their ministries, we want to see them thrive. And we are convinced that, with your help, we can make that happen.

  • The name North Country Christian Formation reflects our geographical location – in the mountains of New Hampshire – and our ministry goal – to help people work through difficult situations while being formed more in the likeness of Jesus.

    We seek to come alongside the work already being done by local churches so that the care given in our office is consistent with the message being put forth from the pulpit of your church. NCCF provides biblically rooted care for individuals, couples, and families, meeting with them while working with their home church to ensure the best support possible.

    We work with pastors and church leadership, providing ideas and support for implementing solid care plans for church congregations. NCCF also provides seminars with biblically based teaching to help congregations understand how the Bible speaks to situations involving the care of you, your church, and your community.