Ministry Trip

The Great Commission is the Church's Work

FCBC's kind of outreach beyond our church walls include Global Outreach, Local Outreach and Church Planting locally and nationally.


Taking a Ministry Trip can be a vital step in preparing to be a missionary or enriching your life at home as a follower of Jesus with a heart for the nations. Each year, FCBC leads short-term ministry trips to locations across the globe to bless and support our global partners and ministry connections. Each trip is planned to meet current needs and further outreach initiatives of those serving in a long-term context.

As you consider joining a Ministry Trip, please become familiar with our Ministry Trip Team Covenant.

Ministry Trip Team Covenant

When you are ready please fill out the application.

FCBC Mission Trip Application

9-12th Grade – Wayumi – July 14-19 2024

  • Purpose: To prepare students for cross-cultural missions.
  • Wayumi is a summer camp and summer mission trip all rolled into one. Students will discover how they can be a part of reaching isolated people groups who have never heard the gospel. Please check out the website for overview view and all kinds of FAQs.
    • WAYUMI
    • Location: Pennsylvania
    • Cost $315
    • Dates: July 14-19, 2024
  • IN HOUSE Mile Markers ideas…
    • Reach out to FCBC missionary family/kid on perspective
    • Attend Adult SS on Missions

Young Adults - Global Gates

  • Purpose: Global Gates exists to reach the most un-evangelized people of the world who have come to global gateway cities, and through them reach their communities around the world. 
  • Find out more at GLOBAL GATES
  • Location: NYC
  • Cost: $500
  • IN HOUSE Mile Markers ideas…
    • Attend an adult SS on Missions
    • Learn about ethnic culture of the area Global Gates is targeting.
    • Learn language greetings of said culture

Rope Holder Team for Rwanda Team


William Carey famously said that he would “go down into the mine (go to India) if his close friend, Andrew Fuller, would “hold the rope.” As a Faith Family, we want to support the Rwanda team in a manner worthy of the Lord (3 John 6-7).

Definition: A Rope Holder Team is an advocacy team formed for a dual focus. Towards the sent ones, the RHT is formed to pray for, keep up with, and encourage and strengthen the sent team. Towards our Faith Family, the RHT is formed to represent the ministry to the church, foster prayer, and visibility of the sent team to the body. We are looking for no more than 8 people on Rope Holding Team with one leader to coordinate team’s ministry.


  • Encouragement (Cards for each day they are in country)