Adult Sunday School Classes

will resume in the fall.

God's Guidebook to Wise Living

Women's Class

Becky Flint

Description: Life is about choices. How should we lead our families? How should we manage our finances? How should we handle relationships? God's Word provides the answers. The book of Proverbs contains the greatest collection of wisdom ever recorded, written by some of the wisest men who ever lived. This study takes a fresh look at Proverbs and offers relevant insights for making sound choices in every area of life.


Laura and Pastor Josh Owens

Laura and Pastor Josh are offering a class on singleness:  Aren’t they married? Who are they to offer a class on singleness?

We hear you. We won’t be the only ones teaching the class. Each week, our aim is to hear testimonies about the intrinsic goodness of singles from mature believers within seasons of singleness, however long or short.

But this class isn’t just by singles and for singles. For many of the myths about singleness are believed and reinforced by the way they are treated by married people. There is an equal onus on the married, then, to fight the lies about singleness for the glory of God and the good of the Church. In other words, both singles and married need to be equipped to truly be a “Faith Family” not just a group of natural families. So, this class is open to both singles and married people alike!

Let’s learn in community. For the passages in the Bible that concern singleness are addressed to the WHOLE church. We’ll be better equipped to love our “Faith Family” as ourselves if singles aren’t marginalized and marriage isn’t idolized.

  • Homework: None
  • Additional Cost: None

Short Term Mission Trips

Rachel and Elder Jason Ludwick

A class for those interested in learning more about short-term missions’ trips.

  • Homework- occasional reading (provided) or video
  • Cost: none

New Testament Servey

Rich Planchet

A survey of the entire New Testament. Rich Planchet will help you explore the structure, content, and theology of each book. Special attention will be given to important persons, places, events, and key chapters. You will walk away understanding the storyline of the New Testament, its major themes, and the unique contribution of each book to the New Testament.

  • Homework:  Selected New Testament Readings
  • Additional Cost:  None

Membership Class

Pastor Pat Testerman

Are you interested in membership and not sure of the next step? Please let us help. 

In this class we delve into the meaning and provide answers to help guide you on your journey of what that could be for you.

  • Homework: None