Adult Sunday School Classes

April 23 - May 28


Decision Making in Light of God's Will

Leader: Dareld Trinka

Have you ever struggled with a tough decision; one which will define the course of your life? Perhaps you see two options, how do you know which option God wants you to choose? Surely if you choose the correct option (the one God wants) it will lead to hope and joy, but the other will certainly lead to despair and ruin.

We all struggle with decision making. Some of these are trivial; like butter pecan or chocolate double caramel delight ice cream? While others define your life; like who will you marry and whether you pursue college, a trade, for family?

The class will be interactive and practical. We’ll remove the mystery and uncover the Biblical model for decision making. To make a decision do we need a sign from God or has he provided something else? What is motivating the decision? How do we weigh the options? How do we know if God will be pleased by our choice?

Sunday Mornings

Needed Resources: The Bible and “Just do something. A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will” by Kevin DeYoung. 

Homework: Less than an hour per week.

Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn't Make Sense

Leaders: Jeff Haavisto

Sometimes life doesn’t make sense. Sometimes life just hurts. Suffering can be one of the biggest challenges to our faith. Out of nowhere, death, illness, unemployment, or a difficult relationship can change our lives and challenge everything we thought we knew―leaving us feeling utterly unprepared or unable to cope. But, in the midst of all this pain and confusion, we are not alone.

This class is designed to offer you hope amid trials. We will be learning from the book “Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn't Make Sense”

Author Paul David Tripp weaves together his personal story, years of counseling experience, and biblical insights to help us in the midst of suffering, identifying 6 traps to avoid—including doubt, discouragement, and denial—and 6 comforts to embrace—including God’s presence, God’s people, and God’s grace. Exploring a wide range of common experiences, this raw yet hope-filled book will empower readers to cling to God's promises when trials come and then move forward with the hope of the gospel.

He helps us see that our suffering, however great, was never meant to define us. Most importantly, he points us to the Savior who has suffered in our place so that we might be ever confident of his love, his wisdom, and his good purposes for our lives.

Sunday Mornings

Optional Book: Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn't Make Sense by Paul Daid Tripp. The book is optional but highly recommended

Homework: Reflection questions. 

Please email the office at: or see Alyssa if you need assistance with obtaining this book


Leader: Pastor Michael Foose

We live in a culture where dating is the norm, and society has certain expectations for what dating looks like. However, when we turn to the Bible, it's clear that many of society's modern dating expectations go directly against Biblical commands. So, how do we as Christ followers go about dating in a way that glorifies God? In this class, we’ll focus on how to date in a way that exalts Christ in the midst of a culture that exalts individual pleasure.

While this class is about dating, you do not need to be in a dating relationship to attend. This class is for everybody: from never been on a date, to married for 50+ years, and everyone in between. This class will give us the tools to navigate the pitfalls of dating in a God-honoring way, whether it be for personal application or for walking alongside others.

Sunday Mornings

Homework: Pray through dating prayer guide

Following Jesus

Leaders: Mike Tutko and John Gorham

How do I live as a Christian?

This class will cover a variety of topics which help us to Follow Jesus in our daily lives!