Adult Sunday School Classes

Term begins April 18, 2021


Led by Tom Dennison

Introduction to Global Missions will help you gain the Biblical and historical perspective needed to be able to take steps towards finding how you should be involved in God’s global mission within the context of your church.


What you can expect from this class:

  • Theological understanding of various aspects of global missions.
  • Valuable lessons from the history of missions.
  • Personal challenges to connect your church’s global vision to your life.
  • Practical ways to become involved in cross-cultural missions.
  • No textbook required.
  • There will be a few questions for you to answer during the week to stimulate your thinking.


Leadership.  Discipleship.  Mission.

Led by Pastor Josh Owens

Our class title “Titus: Leadership. Discipleship. Mission” is organized around the three chapters of Titus.   Chapter one is about keeping the gospel central—Titus is to counter false teachers by appointing gospel-centered leaders who can encourage and rebuke with the gospel. Chapter two is about ensuring the gospel is central to everyday life— everyday life is the context both in which the gospel-centered discipleship is to be lived and in which it is to be taught. Chapter three is about ensuring the gospel is central for the sake of mission— keeping the gospel central to everyday life so that the world is reached by gospel-centered mission.


Join us in this Bible study as we consider these foundational truths in preparation for a Family Pastor.  

  • Additional Cost: None.
  • Homework: Reading through Titus.


Led by Tracy Menard

Are you curious to know what other Christian women do to grow in their faith? Have you wondered what "discipleship" means or what a healthy "discipleship" relationship looks like? What kind of questions do you ask? How much of life do you share? Which woman would be a good fit for me?


You are asking great questions! Find meaningful answers in our Ladies' Discipleship Workshops!


Through lively interviews and engaging conversation you will have a chance to see and participate in a unique discipleship experience. Connect with the women God has placed alongside of you while you dig in to great resources that will equip you for a year of growth and connections in the body of Christ!

  • The book we will be using is titled “Growing Together, Taking Mentoring Beyond Small Talk and Prayer Requests.” By Melissa Kruger (ISBN 978-1433568015).
  • Additional Cost: $16.19.
  • Homework: Chapters read (encouraged but not required).


Led by Pastor Pat Testerman

Lament is the practice of grieving that which is not right or not desired the world.  Biblical lament is found throughout Scripture – we find it in the historical books, the prophets, and wisdom literature.  In fact, almost a third of the Psalms are dedicated songs of either individual or corporate lament.


What separates Biblical lament from mere complaint is that the latter is a grumbling against God, while Biblical lament is making our complaint to God.  Biblical lament affirms that the Lord our God hears, listens to, and answers our prayers.


In this class, we will both explore Scripture’s teaching on lament and practice this lament as we cry out to God about our troubles, making our pleas to the only One able to answer them, putting our trust in our faithful Creator, taking comfort in our sovereign Lord, and living out our faith in the paths he lays before us.

  • Please bring a Bible and notebook or journal. Handouts will be provided.
  • Homework: Journaling our experiences as we practice Biblical lament through the week.


Led by FCBC Elders

Are you interested in knowing more about church membership but not sure of the next step? Let us help.


In this class we delve into the meaning of church membership and provide answers to help guide you on your journey of what it means for you.

  • No additional cost.
  • No homework.