The Owens' Family on the Mission Field

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  • Praying for a great trip Africa here we come.   Special thanks to Chip for the great ride to airport.

    May God keep you all safe and nourish you all. John 4:34.  "My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing His work."

  • The Owens' Family has touched down in Tanzania! Update on kids In Africa. The eagle has landed pray for the Mayhem to get easier.

  • Thanks for microphone FCBC. we've only been here for 6 hours and the microphone is already helping with Zoom meeting with missionary partners both here in Tanzania and South Africa.  Also here is a pic of the Button's Tanzanian Partners.

  • [6/2, 11:51 AM] Josh Owens: Got to go to the office with Jon and see the translation process with his co-worker, Tom.

    [6/2, 11:53 AM] Josh Owens: Small prayer meeting. About 10 people. Some singing and an impromptu message by a non pastor on Jesus calming waves. Jon translated for me!

  • [Josh] "Really cool to see 2 elders and 1 pastor want to learn chronological bible teaching. Felt like Luke 24. Did not our hearts burn within us to see you in all the Scriptures."  Sharon one of the girls.  Mamma Weeblee is the pronunciation of one of the women's names.

  • The Owens and Button families have been without Internet for two days but it was restored today.

    Jon preached on Sunday. Josh was impressed by the "directness" of the people. Janelle's new friend Sharon (also in photo a few days ago) greeted her with open arms.  They also enjoyed a church potluck. Then after services, the families visited an orphanage. 

  • Taken on the way to the orphanage.  Had to all pile in the van because the car couldn't drive on the bad roads with all the weight in the car.  Had to keep getting out to walk around the bad places.