Prepare for December 12, 2021

Weekly Gathered

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  • Welcome to Our World
  • Whom Shall I Fear
  • You Never Let Go
  • Behold Our God


Psalm 77

“Lament is coming to God and staying at the table with him and talking with him and engaging with him through the process… so, while every human suffers, only a Christian can lament because it requires staying at the table and engaging with him.” – Nick Clark

This Sunday we will take a brief break from the book of Job as we hear Psalm 77 preached by our ministry partner Nick Clark, of North Country Christian Formation.  Nick notes that 1/3 of the Psalms, including this one, are laments or have elements of lament.  

As you prepare for this Sunday gathered, would you read Psalm 77 and consider these thoughts and questions:

  • Our culture is uncomfortable with grief and particularly with public expressions of grief.  We often say, “that’s just between me and God.”  How does this psalm speak against that mindset?
  • Where in Psalm 77 do you see hope in the midst of grief and lament?

Consider the different ways Asaph uses the word meditate in verses 3, 6, and 12:

  • What precedes the meditation?
  • On what does he meditate?
  • Is the meditation inward towards self, or outward towards God or elsewhere?
  • What follows that meditation?
  • The common use of “meditate” in our culture involves “emptying” our minds, hearts, and/or souls.  How is Asaph’s understanding different?
  • Have you seen examples of grief that you would call “well-journeyed?”  What did that look like?  
  • Psalms, according to Nick, teach us how to relate to God, how to pray.  If 1/3 of psalms are laments, is it possible that as much as 1/3 of our life (or more) might be lamentable?
  • Have you ever lamented in this way, taking your sufferings “to the table” with God and engaging him through those griefs?  
  • If so, what was that journey like?
  • If not, who could help you learn to lament?
  • We are commanded to weep with those who weep (Rom 12:15).  
  • When was the last time you shared another Christian’s grief journey?  
  • When was the last time you shared your grief with another Christian?  What was it like to share your griefs?
  • How would you describe each experience?
  • How might a better Biblical understanding of lament change that experience in the future?