Prepare for June 13, 2021

Weekly Gathered

James 1:12-18

Real Faith… Is not Deceived

Verse 12 serves as a transition between verses 1-11 and 13-18, as James turns from speaking of trials and testing to temptation.  James tells us to take joy in the former, and to be aware of the nature and dangers of the latter.  

As you prepare to gather with us this Sunday, read 1:1-18 to hear this transition, then focus on verses 12-18.

  • Compare and contrast what James writes about trials (vv2-12) and temptations (vv12-18).
  • Origin – from where/whom do they come?
  • Nature – how do they work or progress?
  • Purpose – what role do they serve?
  • Results – to where or what do they lead?
  • James uses two negative imperatives in this text.
  • How are they related, and what misconceptions does each address?
  • Let no one say… (v13)
  • Do not be deceived… (v16)
  • What are some of the things this passage asserts about God?
  • What does this passage tell us about people?
  • James repeats the language of “brings forth” in verses 15 and 18 – what are some of the contrasts?
  • What do you think is James’ central argument (the point he is trying to convey) in these verses?