Weekly Gathered


John 17:20-26

Josh Owens

Sunday September 24, 2023

Songs for Sunday - Spotify Playlist

  • Our Great God
  • His Forever
  • This is Our God
  • Jesus Paid it All
  • Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me

Who did you spend Christmas dinner with? Whoever you ate with on Christmas, did you feel united with them? Holidays are often flashpoints for disagreements. We have different values. Different priorities in politics. These can bubble, boil, and eventually erupt. What unites you with or divides you from your family

As Christians, how united do you feel, when you sit down with your Faith Family at the Lord’s Supper? How unified is that family meal? Where do you experience a greater family unity? At the Christmas table or at the Lord’s table?

We continue our study in John 17:20-26 at our weekly gathering. Jesus is praying for what they will need to fulfill the mission that will last until he returns. Please read John 17:20-26 asking yourself these questions…

  • Do you ever feel the guilty gulp in regards to missions and evangelism? What do you think limits your missions and evangelism?
  • Have you ever considered that a faulty view of mission and evangelism starts with a faulty view of God?
  • Why are guilt, duty, and debt to God thin motivations for missions?
  • What is the fuel of missions?
  • What does Jesus give us to accomplish the mission in John 17:20-26?
  • What kind of unity does Jesus have in mind? What is the source of this unity? What is the goal of this unity? How does that differ from the way Christianity unity is frequently portrayed?
  • What are the threats to Christian unity?

See you Sunday!