Our Plan

This year, we plan to see what the Gospel has to say about nine monthly topics that affect our youth:

  • September: “Why Am I Here: The Meaning of Life”
  • October: “Is Truth Absolute, Relative, or an Illusion? Facts, Opinion, and Perspective”
  • November: “Why Am I So Down? Anxiety, Worry, and Depression”
  • December: “Why Can’t We All Get Along?: Relationships, Fights, Gossip, and Bullying”
  • January: “Does What I Believe Matter? Determining, Defining, and Defending My Faith and Values”
  • February: “Is God Truly Good? The Problems of Evil and Temptation”
  • March: “Who Am I? Identity: Exclusion or Embrace”
  • April: “Can I Forgive That? Truths and Misconceptions About Forgiveness”
  • May: “If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Cliff… Peer Pressure and Group Dynamics”

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