• Date: 10/31/21
  • Pastor Michael Foose
  • Theme: “What is Faith”
  • Message Title: There is healing in His tassels.
  • Primary Text: Mark 5:21-34.
  • Supporting Text(s): Numbers 15:38-38; Malachi 4:21; Matthew 9:20-22, 14:34-36; Mark 6:53-56; Luke 8:40-48

Introduction to the Message: One of the oddest healings of Jesus’ earthly ministry happened when He was on the way to heal someone else. A woman with a blood issue reached out, touched His garment, and was instantly healed. What is so special about Jesus’s garment and this woman’s faith that just by touching it she was made well?

  1. How do our actions demonstrate our faith or lack of faith?
  2. This woman reached out and touched Jesus’s garment, why did Jesus say “your faith has made you well” when she was healed only after she touched His garment?
  3. What promises of God do you struggle to trust? Will you pray this week to God to give you more faith in Him?

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