September 19, 2021

Pastor Michael Foose

September Theme: What is Important in Life?

Message Title: Who is Part of the Kingdom?

Primary Text: Mark 10:13-31

Supporting Text(s): Matthew 6:19-34; 19:13-30, Luke 12:13-21; 18:15-30

God’s kingdom is radically different then this world. In Mark 10:13-31, back-to-back interactions that Jesus has challenge the preconceived notions of the disciples, and ours as well, as to who can be saved. In these two interactions we see that worldly standards and appearances do not determine whether someone has eternal life, but that it is solely a matter of the heart.

  • How did the message interpret the text?
  • How does your attitude towards God reveal your heart? (e.g. you think you have it all together like the rich young ruler or you’re completely dependent on Him like a child is for their parent.)
  • How did this interpretation answer the question from this month’s theme?  The rich young ruler had wealth and claimed to follow God’s commands (he had it all in the Jewish mindset of his day). However, in his own mind he knew something was not right. How can we avoid the trap that the rich young ruler fell into and willing follower after Jesus no matter what He calls us to do?
  • How can I apply this message in my life?  Following after Jesus is costly. It requires us to surrender everything. Not that we are all called to sell all we have and give the proceeds to the poor, like the rich young ruler, but that God should be our top priority in life and everything else is to be used for furthering His kingdom. The rich young ruler knew that something was missing in his own life even though he followed the law and possessed great wealth. Would you look at your own life this week and ask God to reveal anything in your life that you may have prioritized above Him or keep you from following the path He has for you? 

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