May 9, 2021

Nick Guiliani

"If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Cliff … Peer Pressure and Group Dynamics."

  1. How many different groups of people do you surround yourself with? Jocks, Nerds, Church, Family… etc.
  2. How would you say these groups affect who you are, both in a negative way and positive way?
  3. Nick mentioned social media peer pressure. Do you find social media to have more of an effect on you than in person peer pressure?
  4. Can you identify some of the ways you struggle with peer pressure?

Listen to the message HERE.

Our Youth Group Team

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Josh Owens, Pastor

Wendy Heath, Administrator

Jim Batchelder, Youth Leader

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Josh Planchet, Youth Leader

Darald Trinka, Youth Leader

Michelle Alford, Youth Leader

Faith George, Youth Leader

Jilly Heath, Youth Leader

Heidi Lommen, Youth Leader

Alicen Twardosky, Youth Leader

Jen Wilson, Youth Leader